We are a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and educating those who suffer from mental illnesses and their supporters.

My name is Tim Blue, and I’ve lived with chronic anxiety my entire life. As a child, I kept it to myself out of shame. That became such a habit that I carried in into my 30’s when I finally started asking for help from doctors, friends, and family.

There’s something healing about being with others who understand. People who have lost children need to be around others who are in the same boat, as do cancer patients, widows, religious people…Everyone! The team of us at TKWANA want to be one of those understanding resources for you.

We just plain need the company of like-minded people. And that’s what this endeavor is for – community. Through speaking, podcasting, and writing, my goal is for you to feel encouraged that you are never alone in the journey! Many additional resources to help you feel connected are in the works for the future, too. Please don’t hesitate to let those of us at TKWANA know if there’s some way we can make this site more useful. We can be reached at info@tkwana.org. Thanks! ~Tim Blue.



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  1. A friend of Kelly’s is a friend of mine! Thanks for the offer of some sanctuary time and space. I’ll be accepting that offer soon! 🙂

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