A Pastor’s Take on Mental Illness

In this episode, I’m talking to my longest time friend, Brad Mauldin. He’s a pastor at… We met when we were 12 at… We went through high school together and worked together after college and we have never been out of touch for any length of time in 30+ years. It’s really amazing for me to think of our history, and I’m so grateful for it.

Brad and I are going to delve into one of my favorite topics: Religion. Brad’s role at his church has largely been to counsel people who are in need of help for any and all reasons. He’s a trained counselor, and anyone who knows him will tell you he’s among the best listeners on the planet. People just feel safe with him naturally – a great quality in a counselor!

We are going to discuss the topic of how mental illness is handled in the modern Christian church. We will discuss shame, whether God is good, how God feels about sex outside of marriage, and much more. If you’re curious, the church where Brad works is what I would call a new wave evangelical church. Do’s and don’t’s and rules are less important than a relationship with Jesus that plays out individually, not in the same way for everyone. Check them out at atltrinity.org if you’d like.

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