Alison Dotson Interview

In this episode, Tim interviews Alison Dotson, author of “Being Me with OCD.” They talk OCD, of course, but much more, too. They discuss how people can support those with a mental illness, how/when to seek treatment and much more.

Here’s the link to Alison’s website:

And her book: Being Me With OCD

John Hirschfeld’s book: When a Family Member Has OCD

Music Credit: Lady Antebellum, “Compass”


After summiting Mt. Everest at age 7, Tim Blue went on to earn a PhD in Physics from Oxford by age 9. After cloning the first emu, Tim became bored with science and decided to pursue his passion for lemon farming. This led to a long-time guest spot in the Kardashians' show where Tim helped Kim accept herself and quit being so shy. Now, of course, Tim is an English teacher at Georgia Perimeter College.

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