Holistic Medicine and Mental Health

Join Tim and trained Naturopathic doctor, Veaney McIrvin, for a discussion about where holistic medicine/naturopathic medicine might fit in to your journey toward mental health. Don’t worry, there’s no preaching here…just two friends talking about possible tools to help you make some progress.

Show Notes:

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From the Top Part 2: What Doctor Should I See?

Tim discusses various options for getting started with medical treatment once you’ve decided to go that route. Should you see a psychiatrist, a therapist, an internist, or all of the above? Or none of the above? It can all be so overwhelming, so tune in for a bit of sanity as you try to start the treatment journey.

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A Pastor’s Take on Mental Illness

In this episode, I’m talking to my longest time friend, Brad Mauldin. He’s a pastor at… We met when we were 12 at… We went through high school together and worked together after college and we have never been out of touch for any length of time in 30+ years. It’s really amazing for me to think of our history, and I’m so grateful for it.

Brad and I are going to delve into one of my favorite topics: Religion. Brad’s role at his church has largely been to counsel people who are in need of help for any and all reasons. He’s a trained counselor, and anyone who knows him will tell you he’s among the best listeners on the planet. People just feel safe with him naturally – a great quality in a counselor!

We are going to discuss the topic of how mental illness is handled in the modern Christian church. We will discuss shame, whether God is good, how God feels about sex outside of marriage, and much more. If you’re curious, the church where Brad works is what I would call a new wave evangelical church. Do’s and don’t’s and rules are less important than a relationship with Jesus that plays out individually, not in the same way for everyone. Check them out at atltrinity.org if you’d like.

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From the Top Part 1: How do I Know if I Have a Mental Illness?


In this new series of Mindful Minutes called “From the Top”, Tim walks through the basics of navigating the early roads of understanding your brain and it’s unique chemistry. Everything from understanding how to know if you should see a doctor, to finding the right kind of doctor, to finding the right meds, to managing your illness long-term will be covered in this series. Join us for this short-form series and know that you are not alone, no matter where you are on your journey.


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PTSD, Cannabis, and Hope for Healing

2019 Survivor contestant, Missy Byrd, is more than just a survivor on
TV. She’s survived a brain tumor while playing college basketball at
the Air Force Academy; the sudden loss of her father, something she
barely remembers due to the tumor; PTSD from all the events surrounding
her long-undiscovered ailment; and yes, even the TV show, Survivor. Tune
in for a frank discussion about the place of marijuana in treating
mental and emotional health issues. Or just tune in for Missy’s story.
You won’t be sorry!

Check out Missy here: https://www.cbs.com/shows/survivor/cast/216261/

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