Through a Teen’s Eyes: Depression, Delf-harm, Suicidality, and Hope.

A few episodes ago, I interviewed Joe, the parent of a child who has recently found his way through a period of teenage depression and hopelessness. Today, I interview his son, Cade. We discuss the onset of his mental illness, his self harm, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, and finding a new path forward that looks different from the one he thought he would travel, but is filled with light and hope.

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Faith, Relationships, OCD and Mindfulness

Tim and Matt discuss their mutual background of wrestling through devout religious faith while suffering from OCD, resulting in something referred to as scrupulosity – essentially the religious version of OCD. Though we have both walked away from our religious faith, there is no religion bashing here…just two people trying to live healthier lives discussing some of the unique pitfalls of faith when mixed with mental illness. We also talk a lot about how Mindfulness has helped us navigate our struggles. Enjoy!

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Interview with Bill

Friends, tune in to my latest podcast with Bill. Bill has dealt with addiction and alcoholism, as well as a few suicide attempts. Thankfully, he’s in a good place now and has lots of wisdom and encouragement to share. Listen on any device here:

And if you’d be willing to help spread the word, share this with someone who might need it. Reach me anytime at toknowwearenotalone@gmail.comThanks!

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Alcoholism, Suicide, Mindfulness, and Hope

In this episode, Bill and I discuss the following:

  • Alcoholism and addiction
  • AA
  • Suicide attempts
  • Relationships
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mindfulness
  • Community
  • Hope

Please reach out to Tim at or visit or Please consider making a contribution to To Know We are Not Alone here.

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I Need Your Help…

Friends, those of us who fight the battle in our brains day in and day out are indeed more courageous than anyone else knows! Even if no one else admires you just for surviving, I DO because I know what it takes. Keep fighting! You are not alone!

In the spirit of courage, I’m putting out this request despite the knot in my stomach about doing so…

Advocating for those who suffer with mental illness is my passion. It is my hope someday to support myself fully by doing just that. For now, I am dedicating one full day of the work week to growing To Know We Are Not Alone. But I need your help…Promoting something costs money and taking a day each week off of work also costs money, in a different sense. Please partner with me to help spread the word that those who suffer with mental illness (and their supporters!) are NOT ALONE. Thank you for any help you can offer! ~Tim

Click here if you can help.

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Interview with Joe: Parenting; Self-harm; Suicide; and Hope

Joe and I discuss his experience raising a child (actually children but we focus on just one) with a mental illness…As a teenager, Joe’s son began to self-harm and self-medicate. Once Joe and his wife discovered what was really going on, a long journey of personal growth in understanding how to help his son began. Through multiple suicide attempts, hospitalizations, and massive road blocks, eventually both Joe and his son found a way forward.

Please listen and share with anyone who might need some encouragement. Listen on any device here.



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Resilient AF

Those of us with mental illnesses often get called weak. Or needy. Or difficult. And to someone with a normal brain, we probably are those things, and worse.

What they don’t see is how many times we’ve been knocked down and gotten back up.

How many times we couldn’t bear to get out of bed but did anyway.

How many times we have been forced to hide our disease so we don’t get fired or lose a relationship.

How often we feel as anxious as if a dozen poisonous snakes were trapped in our clothing, but we still do what’s expected of us. Or try to.

How obsessed we have been FOR THE LAST DECADE about something we know is silly, yet it ruins days and weeks and years at a time.

How our depression can make the act of picking up a pencil feel like we are competing in a weightlifting championship without training.

No one else may see it, but that’s what we are: RESILIENT. We have more literal and figurative scars than a locker room of football players, yet to this point, not one of those daily injuries has been able to declare victory.

We keep getting out of bed for one more day; we keep being misunderstood one more time without becoming hermits; we keep messing up at our jobs and in our families because we have a second full-time (terrible) job inside of our heads, and we keep fighting to do better tomorrow.

We may never get any recognition from the outside world, but I am here to tell you, we are RESILIENT AF.

I am now posting more regularly on Facebook because distribution is so much easier. If you’re on FB, like my TKWANA page:

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Reinvented Podcast: Invterview with Drew M.

Finally, I have mustered the energy to reinvent my podcast in interview format. From now on, you can expect less of me blabbing at you and more of real, ordinary people’s stories. I hope you enjoy.

Also, I have migrated to Facebook for the most part. If you’re on FB, “like” my TKWANA page:


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