In 2014, my friend died of an overdose. Just a week earlier he told me he would never kill himself because of how much it would hurt his family. I know in my heart that he just wanted relief and went a step too far to get it. I wonder, though…[…] What if he had access to immediate companionship from someone who understood his OCD, his addictions…him? What if instead of taking one more pill or drink, he could’ve simply hit a “help” button on an app and received a call or text from a professionally trained peer supporter who knew how to care for him in a moment like that? That’s where TKWANA is headed. On top of creating more regular and consistent content, we will soon provide a readily accessible, online platform that allows any and all sufferers of isolation to reach out for professionally trained peer companionship whenever they need it. 2020 will be a landmark year for our future. We are now a 3-man operation with hopes of raising $250,000 over the next 2 years to spread the message of hope further and wider, and to build the aforementioned platform. We need YOU to help make this happen! Please consider making a donation of any amount, and if you can make it recurring monthly, that would just plain be amazing (just check the box that says “make this a monthly donation”). Thank you for your consideration!

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The isolation that comes from battling a mental illness is often as hard or harder than the illness itself. Help us spread the message to people who are suffering in silence that they are not alone…ever!

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