From Addiction to Advocacy

In this episode, Tim and Lindsey cover the gamut: ocd leading to addiction, childhood abuse, self harm…but Lindsey is here to let you know you can find a way through to a place of hope, of wanting to share your story with others, of wanting others to know they are not alone. Lindsey is fierce and tenacious and tender and kind all at once, just like so many who fight every day against the demons of mental and emotional trauma. You will be encouraged by her story! Find Lindsey on IG @tierneylindseytaylor

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Um, Did I Just Run Over Someone with my Car? OCD: The Doubt that Never Ends

Jeff Bell is a prominent radio journalist in the Bay area of California. In the darkest days of his battle with OCD, he couldn’t even get to the hospital to be with his possibly dying daughter because he was so worried he had hit a person when he had only hit a pothole. But Jeff has found hope and a way forward. Tune in to hear more from him.

About Jeff: Jeff Bell spends much of his time running the nonprofit Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance, promoting the power of turning personal challenges into service to others with similar challenges.  His A2A Spotlight features air weekly on KCBS and are distributed nationally by CBS News Radio.  A2A’s weekly “From Adversity to Advocacy” podcast can be heard online at

Jeff is the author of two books, “Rewind, Replay, Repeat” and “When in Doubt, Make Belief.” His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times.

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Medication, Hyper-sexuality, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Hope

Join Tim and Tosha Maaks for a frank discussion of what it’s like to live with Bi-Polar (type 1) disorder: Tosha shares about getting arrested (twice) for medication-related DUI’s, dealing with the common symptom of hyper-sexuality, and she offers plenty of encouragement and real-life advice.

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Through a Teen’s Eyes: Depression, Delf-harm, Suicidality, and Hope.

A few episodes ago, I interviewed Joe, the parent of a child who has recently found his way through a period of teenage depression and hopelessness. Today, I interview his son, Cade. We discuss the onset of his mental illness, his self harm, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, and finding a new path forward that looks different from the one he thought he would travel, but is filled with light and hope.

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Faith, Relationships, OCD and Mindfulness

Tim and Matt discuss their mutual background of wrestling through devout religious faith while suffering from OCD, resulting in something referred to as scrupulosity – essentially the religious version of OCD. Though we have both walked away from our religious faith, there is no religion bashing here…just two people trying to live healthier lives discussing some of the unique pitfalls of faith when mixed with mental illness. We also talk a lot about how Mindfulness has helped us navigate our struggles. Enjoy!

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Interview with Bill

Friends, tune in to my latest podcast with Bill. Bill has dealt with addiction and alcoholism, as well as a few suicide attempts. Thankfully, he’s in a good place now and has lots of wisdom and encouragement to share. Listen on any device here:

And if you’d be willing to help spread the word, share this with someone who might need it. Reach me anytime at toknowwearenotalone@gmail.comThanks!

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