Interview with Joe: Parenting; Self-harm; Suicide; and Hope

Interview with Joe: Parenting; Self-harm; Suicide; and Hope

Joe and I discuss his experience raising a child (actually children but we focus on just one) with a mental illness…As a teenager, Joe’s son began to self-harm and self-medicate. Once Joe and his wife discovered what was really going on, a long journey of personal growth in understanding how to help his son began. Through multiple suicide attempts, hospitalizations, and massive road blocks, eventually both Joe and his son found a way forward.

Please listen and share with anyone who might need some encouragement. Listen on any device here.



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  1. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing, especially Joe. In the midst of a mental health journey it can be really hard to see the “crest” of the mountain, and sometimes the path looks more like a rocky endless wasteland than a mountain at all. It was really helpful to me (as someone who has played the role of primary supporter to a sufferer of mental illness several times) to hear a supporter’s story and, as the title says, to know that I’m not alone.

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