Resilient AF

Resilient AF

Those of us with mental illnesses often get called weak. Or needy. Or difficult. And to someone with a normal brain, we probably are those things, and worse.

What they don’t see is how many times we’ve been knocked down and gotten back up.

How many times we couldn’t bear to get out of bed but did anyway.

How many times we have been forced to hide our disease so we don’t get fired or lose a relationship.

How often we feel as anxious as if a dozen poisonous snakes were trapped in our clothing, but we still do what’s expected of us. Or try to.

How obsessed we have been FOR THE LAST DECADE about something we know is silly, yet it ruins days and weeks and years at a time.

How our depression can make the act of picking up a pencil feel like we are competing in a weightlifting championship without training.

No one else may see it, but that’s what we are: RESILIENT. We have more literal and figurative scars than a locker room of football players, yet to this point, not one of those daily injuries has been able to declare victory.

We keep getting out of bed for one more day; we keep being misunderstood one more time without becoming hermits; we keep messing up at our jobs and in our families because we have a second full-time (terrible) job inside of our heads, and we keep fighting to do better tomorrow.

We may never get any recognition from the outside world, but I am here to tell you, we are RESILIENT AF.

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