These stories are not polished or refined or professional…they are just real stories from normal people who have dealt with all sorts of mental illnesses. Some have suffered all their lives; some have only had episodic mental illness. These folks don’t know all the answers and they don’t pretend to. They are just kind souls who want to encourage you by letting you know you are not alone. Look around and please get in touch with me at if you or someone you know would like to share a story.


Emily’s Story
Emily is a 22-year-old college senior who has battled mental illness since a young age, and like me (and many), she has also struggled a lot with her Christian faith and how it all fits together with her mental struggles. Listen to her as she authentically, vulnerably, and beautifully shares from her heart about the things she still struggles with but also her many successes.

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Andy’s Story
Andy is a lawyer in his 30’s. He’s married and has four kids. And he never dealt with mental illness until the age of 35 when he had a major breakdown that almost cost him his family. His story demonstrates that mental illness comes in all shapes and sizes and that everyone needs to know what to look for in case of a one-time breakdown.

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Terri’s Story
Terri is a mom of three boys who shares her struggles with pregnancy-related depression and stress-induced depression. Hers is a story of hope particularly for those who have struggled with severe but periodic bouts of depression. Terri has kept fighting and she will give you some hope to do the same.

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Tim’s Story
Tim is a former English teacher who has had to leave the teaching profession because it’s just not a good fit for his battle with both OCD and depression. His battle has lasted for his entire life, but has changed quite a bit in nature. His early days were filled with the terrors of OCD, while his recent battle has primarily been with depression. His story might be an encouragement to you if you have ever faced either of these illnesses or if you have needed to make a major change in direction because of your illnesses in the middle of your adult life.

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