Complete Strangers are Now Telling Me to Get Help

Complete Strangers are Now Telling Me to Get Help

Business cardEvery few weeks, one of my long-time friends and I meet at a local Mexican restaurant for beer and some guy bonding (which, in our case, is more like girl bonding since we talk about our feelings and stuff. Don’t judge!). This past Wednesday, our time was somewhat shorter and more get-to-the-point than normal because I had somewhere to be right after our meeting. I spent the majority of the time talking about my recent struggles with my faith-based job despite a nearly complete loss of faith as well as about an ongoing personal relationship that perpetually leaves me feeling baffled, hurt, and impotent to fix anything.

I thought we were safe sharing in our somewhat private booth and in a largely empty restaurant, but lo and behold, as we got up to leave, a complete stranger approached me to suggest I get help.

She handed me her card. She is a psychotherapist. Let that sink in for a minute…

After overhearing me in a Mexican restaurant, this woman felt confident enough to cross the normal social and professional boundaries to give me her card, in other words telling me, “You need to get some help!”

I actually found it hilarious that I am that “bad off” that strangers not only see my need for help, but forge through the walls of awkwardness to tell me how to get help. Funny thing is, after a few days of having her card in my car, I actually called her to ask exactly what she had overheard that compelled her to approach me. I’m genuinely interested to see if she has some new ideas/strategies for approaching the main challenges I face in my personal/mental-health life.

Still awaiting the return call. I’ll keep you posted. For now, just get a good laugh out of this!


After summiting Mt. Everest at age 7, Tim Blue went on to earn a PhD in Physics from Oxford by age 9. After cloning the first emu, Tim became bored with science and decided to pursue his passion for lemon farming. This led to a long-time guest spot in the Kardashians' show where Tim helped Kim accept herself and quit being so shy. Now, of course, Tim is an English teacher at Georgia Perimeter College.

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