A eulogy I gave in honor of my friend Riley Sisson, who died as a direct result of his mental health struggles. I challenge the audience to not simply hope they’ll “do something” in honor of Riley, but to put something on their calendar and repeat it so it actually happens. As I put it, “Do something, and keep doing it!” This challenge turned into a post on my blog which was picked up by the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation for their own blog.


Podcast 1: In episode 1, Tim tells listeners why he’s starting a podcast, and more importantly, why he’s starting a non-profit. He shares his own lifelong journey with OCD, depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder and in order to explain why he’s become so passionate about letting people with mental illnesses know they are not alone.


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  1. A terrifically challenging journey – one for which I have great compassion, concern and care. My heart aches for you, Tim, and I know there is not one thing I can do to pull, persuade or push you out of these deep pits when they engulf you. It must be terrifying and paralyzing for you, Ann and your children. All I can continue to say to you is that Dad and I are here for you. We will continue to reach out to you – even when/ if you have no arms or legs It all sucks. You are a hero to keep searching and walking one step at a time forward into murky darkness that often assaults you. I/we Love, cherish and admire you. Mom and Dad

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